Absorbing the deported

Each month El Salvador receives more than 4000 of its citizens who have been deported.    According to government statistics, during 2016, El Salvador received 52,548 deported Salvadorans, of whom 21,340 were deported by the US and 31,147 from Mexico.    These numbers represented an increase of 1.5% from the prior year.     The greatest numbers of deportees were originally from the departments of San Salvador, Usulután and San Miguel.   Salvadoran officials estimate that 300 Salvadorans per day try to emigrate in undocumented fashion towards the US.

El Salvador's Legislative Assembly recently approved a monthly budget of $5.2 million to try and attend to the needs of deportees in the face of predictions of a large increase in their numbers under the Trump administration.

The Los Angeles Times has a long story looking at these deportees and how increasing numbers might impact El Salvador titled Meet El Salvador's growing middle class: Deportees from the U.S.    The article shows the complexities of the issue of migration and deportation of the Salvadoran population.