This war now has a refugee camp

Nina Lakhani, writing in the Guardian, has a story of a makeshift refugee camp, which houses Salvadoran families forced to flee their homes because of gang violence:
A gloomy group of men and women watch in silence as a truckload of armed soldiers slowly drive past the basketball court where they are living in makeshift plastic shelters. 
This encampment in Caluco, a small town 40 miles west of the capital, San Salvador, is home to about 70 people from a nearby farming community, forced to flee their homes after a recent escalation of gang violence. 
It is El Salvador’s first camp for internally displaced people since the 12-year civil war, when an estimated one million people were forcibly displaced and 80,000 killed.... 
The Caluco camp serves as the latest stark warning that extreme violence is again displacing huge numbers of Salvadorans, forcing entire families to leave home in search of safety.
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Technically IDPs--Internally Displaced Persons--until they cross the border.