Of guns and impunity

InsightCrime continues its regular reporting on issues of crime and security in El Salvador, including partnerships with the investigative news sites El Faro and RevisaFactum.   Here are some of their recent articles worth reading:

El Salvador Gangs Wielding More Weapons of War.   El Salvador's security forces have been coming across increasing numbers of automatic assault weapons in the hands of gangs.   Many of these weapons were originally used in El Salvador's civil war.

El Salvador Announces New Anti-Impunity Unit.  El Salvador’s attorney general announced the creation of a new anti-impunity unit in the prosecutor's office that will work on politically sensitive corruption cases and have strong backing from the US government, although it lacks direct international participation.  The cases include an arms trafficking case against the country's current ambassador to Germany who was formerly defense minister.  

El Salvador Disappearances Down From Post-Gang Truce Peak.  More than 100 people disappear each month in El Salvador.   The peak numbers were in 2014, and have declined since then, but the reasons for the trends are not clear.