Citizen views of crime and policing

A recent public opinion poll by La Prensa Grafica reveals the views of Salvadorans regarding crime and policing in their country.

With regards to crime,  13.7% of those polled reported that they or someone in their family had been the victim of a crime in the preceding three months.    Of those who had been victims, however, 64% did not report the crime to the police.     Presumably those victims either believe that reporting will do no good or that there will be reprisals against them if they make a report.

Despite the majority of victims not reporting crime to the police, Salvadorans have a positive view of the National Civilian Police (PNC).  54% have a positive view of the PNC compared to only 21% with a negative view.   These results were obtained yet 16% of Salvadorans report that they have been mistreated by the police at some point in the past.  

Crime has a big impact on public life in El Salvador.  77.6% of those polled do not feel safe on city buses, 73.4% do not feel safe in public markets, and 63.3% do not feel safe in city centers.