Corruption raids target close Mauricio Funes backer

On Wednesday August 17, raids were conducted on several locations tied to Miguel Menéndez (known as "Mecafé") one of the financial backers of the 2009 presidential campaign of Mauricio Funes.   Mecafe was one of the prominent "Amigos of Mauricio Funes," a group of business people outside of the FMLN hierarchy who supported the former journalist's run for president.  Funes was the first president of El Salvador elected from a left-wing party.

The raids are part of a corruption investigation against the former president including allegations of influence-trafficking, misappropriation and illicit enrichment.  Mecafe owns a private security firm named Cosase which earned millions in contracts with the Funes administration to provide private security services.  Mecafe became the chief of the El Salvador convention authority during the Funes administration.

The ex-president has been denying any allegations of wrongdoing on his Twitter account.

There is also an open corruption investigation against former president Tony Saca,