Which is worse?

Politicians in El Salvador need to be more aware that every cell phone is a potential video and audio recorder.   In March, a video surfaced of gang leaders meeting with ARENA politicians to talk about how the gangs could support ARENA in the 2014 presidential election.  This week another recording has been disclosed in which an FMLN government minister meets with the gangs around the same time talking about how the gangs could assist the leftist party get a victory for Salvador Sanchez Ceren in 2014.

Meanwhile, new attorney general Douglas Meléndez is arresting and prosecuting for "illicit associations" some who worked in the government and took steps which facilitated the 2012 gang truce. 

So I ask you -- which is worse -- going to the criminal organizations responsible for killings and extortion of thousands of Salvadoran citizens and asking for their votes -- or going to the criminal organizations and providing improved prison conditions if the level of killings in the country can be reduced?


Both are equally bad. The first is hypocrisy at its finest and regarding the second all I say is "improved prison conditions" is a pretty darn good euphemism for privileges and what could be described as a policy of appeasement that included sex parties thrown inside jail facilites and paid with public funds.