Collection of articles on gang violence in El Salvador

In the past week, the international English language press has been paying a lot of attention to the epidemic of gang-related violence in El Salvador.  Here's a sampling:

El Salvador Throws Out Gang Truce and Officials Who Put It in Place -- the New York Times reports on the actions of El Salvador's attorney general to prosecute government officials involved with the 2012-2014 gang truce and reports that prosecutors have their sights set on David Munguia Payes, former Minister of Public Security and current Minister of Defense.

The gangs that cost 16% of GDP  -- a report from the Economist which describes in detail how gang extortion imposes a tax on all segments of El Salvador's economy.

Deadly gang extortion rackets drive emigration from El Salvador - Reuters also looked at extortion and its role as a cause of migration.

In El Salvador, the Murder Capital of the World, gang violence becomes a way of life.   ABC News Nightline program looks at the phenomena of gang violence in El Salvador.   Some of the reporting is pretty good, but other parts sensationalize matters suggesting a threat to the US of gang members coming across the southern border.   The video broadcast from May 17 can be found here.

El Salvador Police Implicated in Murder-for-Hire Network -- InsightCrime describes recent arrests of police who were acting as paid assassins.    

El Salvador Extends Tough Prison Restrictions for One Year -- InsightCrime reports on the Salvadoran government extending the "exceptional measures" in its prisons designed to isolate and control gang leadership.

El Salvador's new plan to combat gang violence is insane --  article on doubts the government's get tough and no dialogue policies can be effective. 

Violence Grows Unsustainable in El Salvador: Mass Exodus Follows  -- article at looks at increasing migration from El Salvador linked to the increase in the homicide rate in the past 12 months.