Where Are We Going?

Last week, the blog of Ernesto Rivas published an essay by veteran respected politician  Héctor Dada Hirezi.  The essay is titled Hacia Adonde Vamos?   (Where Are We Going?)  He is a long time figure in Salvadoran politics and perhaps one of the most respected.  Most recently Dada Hirezi  was Minister of the Economy from 2009-2012 during the administration of Mauricio Funes.

The essay is a clear eyed look at the problems confronting El Salvador, but also of positive developments in the country starting with the peaceful transfer of power to the country's first leftist president in 2009.   Equally important is the development of an independent Supreme Court in the country.   And the changes are resisted by old guards on the right and the left who hold onto the power within party leadership.

The essay is well worth reading (sorry, Spanish only).  (Tip of the hat to Gene for pointing me to the essay).



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