Salvadoran writer seeks asylum in Spain

As El Salvador approaches the 26th anniversary of the massacre of the six Jesuit priests at the University of Central America on November 16, 1989, one of the country's award winning authors has just fled the country and sought asylum in Spain after receiving death threats.  Jorge Galán had just published "Noviembre" in October, which narrates the story of the massacre of the Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter and those figures in the military who were behind the crime.     On November 1, Galán was attacked by armed men who threatened and insulted him.   He is now seeking protection in Spain.

Spain is the country where court proceedings are currently pending against twenty military officers of their involvement in the crime.   El Salvador is the country where those accused of the crime continue to walk free, safe from extradition and protected by an amnesty law and impunity from ever having to face justice.


Greg said…
First, I will read his narrative of these brutal politically motivated murders.

Secondly, I trust Spain will extend asylum to him.

Sadly, the war in El Salvador is clearly far from over.