Steady progress in El Salvador says UN

The United Nations Development Program wants us to know that El Salvador made significant progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, as described in Good practices for development: El Salvador's Contributions:
When El Salvador is at the center of international debates, it’s often focusing on the problems the country faces. People look at the glass half empty. But those of us who have the privilege of working and living in this country are aware of many valuable experiences that give El Salvador an edge in the process of adopting the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
According to the Third Report on the Progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), El Salvador has made important progress in achieving several MDGs. Of twelve goals that El Salvador have been monitoring since its first National MDG Report, four have been fulfilled (targets related to extreme poverty, education, gender equality, malaria and other major diseases, and access to water and sanitation) and four are almost achieved (child mortality, universal access to reproductive health, maternal mortality and universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS). 
If efforts are sustained, it might be possible to also achieve three targets that are lagged-behind (hunger, primary schooling, halt and reverse spread of HIV/AIDS). 
It's good to see the glass half full.


Greg said…
This is good and heartening news -

One day at a time, for sure.