Heavy rains threaten flooding and landslides

Heavy rains over the past several days have caused scattered flooding and landslides in El Salvador.   At least two deaths have been reported.   The country remains under a yellow alert on a national level.  Public and private schools are suspending classes on Monday, and some universities are closed.

According to Accuweather.com. the current weather pattern threatens much of Central America:
While not all areas will experience heavy rainfall, the entire region is at risk for rainfall rates 50 mm (2 inch) or greater per hour at times resulting in an elevated risk for flash flooding.  Areas that experience the heaviest rainfall could see totals exceeding 100 mm (4 inches) by Monday. This amount of rainfall will also increase the threat for mudslides in addition to flash flooding.  Locations such as Guatemala City, Belize City and San Salvador are at risk for these dangerous conditions.