The dueling fields of crosses

This week has seen dueling fields of crosses in El Salvador as forms of protest.   First Tuesday dawned with the appearance of hundreds of crosses at Redondel (traffic circle) Sandino, named for the Nicaraguan leftist hero:

A banner in the midst of the crosses proclaimed  "We are the 895 dead in August.   How many more must there be before they do something?"  

Partisans on the left were outraged at what they saw as an attack on the government's efforts at confronting the gang problem.   Municipal employees from the city of San Salvador soon arrived to clear away the crosses.

Crosses would reappear Thursday morning.   This time they were at Redondel D'Aubuisson, in Antiguo Cuscatlan, named for the founder of ARENA and leader of death squads Roberto D'Aubuisson:

This time a banner said "In honor of the founder of the party that created, permitted and let grow the gangs who kill us today."

Frankly, I admire the creativity.   It beats yet another march down the streets with hand-painted banners.