Commandos de Salvamento treat victims of violence

The Commandos de Salvamento wear bright yellow uniforms with green lettering.   They are trained in rescue, first aid, and paramedic skills, and they have nonstop duty now as criminal violence flares up in neighborhoods around El Salvador.  PRI has a story highlighting the work of these young people who are often addressing the damage caused by other young people:
The Rescue Command has about 3,000 volunteers, about half of them in the capital area. People come and go according to the time they have. Many, like García, are students from neighborhoods that are known to be violent. 
Roselva Melgar is 21 and spends two or three nights a week with the organization. She wants to be a doctor and sees the Rescue Command as a way to stay out of trouble. 
“There are people who get involved in this institution not to have to deal with the wrong people or to get out of a situation that can lead to your death. It’s better to be here and serve the people,” she says. 
The young volunteers can be sent to any kind of emergency scene, including traffic accidents, shootings and murders. They have training in first aid and depending on what’s needed, bring the wounded to a local health center or a hospital.
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