A Boy, A Girl, A Computer

The Ministry of Education in El Salvador is rolling out a program titled "A Boy, A Girl, A Computer" in the public schools.   The government of El Salvador is receiving from Venezuela 50,000 "Lempitas" notebook computers through the Alba Foundation which is funded with Venezuelan oil revenue.

From TeleSur:
With the program “One kid, one computer” the Salvadoran government aims at delivering computers to over 2,500 public schools throughout this year. “Today is a historical day for #ElSalvador's Education System. We begin the program: one girl, one boy, one computer,” [president] Sanchez Ceren wrote on his Twitter account.... 
By the end of the year, the Salvadoran government aims at providing computers to 84,396 students and 1,000 teachers. The program also contemplates providing internet access to all the public schools in the country.  Taiwan and the United Nations Development Program are also helping El Salvador in the implementation of the program.
The computers run the Linux operating system, have WIFI, cameras and microphones and are loaded with educational software.   The government recognizes the need to train teachers in how to incorporate the computers into their teaching strategies.  You can read the computer specs here.


Kevin said…
Computer education is very important in this era. Without this no one can get success as now all of the work depend on computer. The government of poor countries should focus on this and in this regard all the rich countries should help them so that the computer literacy ratio can be increased. After getting proper education the computer literate can further start their careers in computer support services or any other networking field.