Rudy Guiliani comes to El Salvador

Former mayor of New York turned public security consultant Rudy Guiliani came to El Salvador today to describe his consulting firm's analysis of El Salvador's violent crime problems and proposed solutions. His remarks were made at a gathering of the National Association of Private Enterprise which has sponsored his consulting work in conjunction with President Sanchez Ceren's Citizen Security Council.  Guiliani spent a lot of time talking about how crime was reduced in New York City and Colombia, and asserting El Salvador could do the same.   Guiliani remarked that El Salvador needed a single-minded focus on disrupting the control of neighborhoods by gangs through vigorous law enforcement, long prison sentences, and prisons which actually prevent gangsters from continuing to commit crimes from within.

The entire conference is recorded here, and Guiliani's remarks begin at 4:14:00 in the video (which has somewhat poor audio quality and switches to Spanish dubbed translation about half way through).


Tim said…
From John L:

"Sounds like nothing more than back to "mano dura." I think hiring Guiliani to consult was a waste of money. It would have been wiser to study why violence is so much better controlled in Nicaragua."