2015 election is finally over in El Salvador

El Salvador's 2015 national elections have finally concluded.   The recount of votes for National Assembly in San Salvador that had been ordered by the Constitutional Chamber finished at last and the court lifted its ban preventing deputies from San Salvador taking their seats.   Although the recount produced an increased vote count, the results did not change any of the seats awarded in the original tallies.

The election mess this year has produced legislative attempts to reign in the power of the Constitutional Chamber.   The court started by requiring that cross-party voting be allowed in this election, then refused to delay the effective date of its ruling until the 2018 elections, which led to the court requiring a manual ballot-by-ballot recount in San Salvador, and then ordering all deputies from San Salvador not to take their seats for almost two weeks until the recount was done.   While the Constitutional Chamber should be respected for its actions to protect individual democratic rights of voters, perhaps the court also needs to be more prudential in deciding what political battles it desires to wade into.