The Salvadoran electorate

El Salvador is in the middle of election campaign season as the country heads towards a March 1 election day where the country will elect deputies to the National Assembly, mayors for every municipality, and representatives to the Central American parliament.

The country's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) has compiled the roster of citizens eligible to vote in the upcoming election and provided a statistical picture of the electorate.

There are a total of 5,096,035 voters on the roll for the March 1, 2015 election.   52.7% of those voters are female.

It is a young electorate --  a majority are under 40 years old and 30% are less than 30, and 766,000 voters were born after El Salvador's civil war ended in 1992.

28% of the voters are located in the department of San Salvador with the remainder spread over the country's 13 other departments.

There are 184,363 persons on the election roles who are living outside of the country.   The 2014 presidential election was the first election in which Salvadorans who live outside of the country could vote from abroad.