Care for ecosystems in El Salvador

A recent article from IPS describes a program of El Salvador's environment ministry to change land use practices to protect biodiversity and combat effects of climate change:
Local organisations and the environment ministry launched a plan aimed at tackling the problem in an integral manner. 
The National Programme for the Restoration of Ecosystems and Landscapes (PREP) seeks to restore ecosystems like forests and wetlands and preserve biodiversity, as part of what its promoters describe as "an ambitious national effort to adapt to climate change," whose impacts are increasingly severe in this small Central American nation of 6.2 million.... 
"It's obvious that we can't keep doing things the same old way...we can't continue to carry the burden of this degradation of the environment and the impact that we are feeling from climate change," Lina Pohl, the environment minister, told correspondents who accompanied her on a tour through the area, including Tierramérica. 
PREP will last three years and will receive two million dollars in financing from Germany's agency for international cooperation.
Read the entire article here. As the most densely populated country on the mainland Americas, the human impact on the environment and landscape in El Salvador is intense. Ongoing efforts will be needed to bring a sustainable balance between man and nature.