Important new study on public security in El Salvador

This month the University of Central America Institute of Public Opinion released an important new study on crime and security in El Salvador over the past five years.   According to the study's authors:
The main objective of this study was to contribute to the understanding and critical analysis of security policies and strategies adopted by the Government of Mauricio Funes, and to generate public policy recommendations for the new administration. \ 
This is a qualitative study based on interviews with experts on the issue of public
security, including officials and former officials in the branch of security, scholars,
prevention program operators, and a broad-based desk review of official documents,
statistics and hemerographic information concerning the issue. 
Among many other statistics and information, the report reveals that only 8.4 % of criminal prosecutions lead to a conviction, contributing greatly to the impunity with which criminal acts are committed in the county.

You can read an executive summary in English of the study here.   The full report in Spanish is available here.