Telling the story of El Mozote

Today on the front page of the Ministry of Education website, the government was featuring for download this popular version of the history of the 1981 Massacre at El Mozote titled El Mozote:  Lucha por la verdad y la justicia  --   El Mozote: The struggle for truth and justice.

The book was published by Tutela Legal, the (former) human rights office of the archdiocese of San Salvador, and is illustrated by drawings from the organization for popular education known as Equipo Maiz.

It is a small step, and yet an important step, to encourage the telling of the actual history of El Salvador's civil war in its schools.


Anonymous said…
Glad they are going to tell kids about the real history of their country. On that count, they are doing better than Canada, where the history of the aboriginal peoples is almost ignored on the school curriculum
Greg said…
Anytime a government agency purports to publish through its own auspice "the real story" about anything the educated man or woman should be suspicious.

Where this new addition to the growing library of books and reports regarding what occurred at El Mozote is certainly welcome - it must be read, studied and compared to those other accounts.

Somewhere down the middle of the literary trail lies what may be closest to the Truth.

I continue to look for a similar trend where the torture, murder and killings of the innocent, the wounded, the ill and the unarmed - to include Salvadoran soldiers (i.e. the murder of those soldiers who surrendered at the Punte Oro to FMLN guerrilas under the promise of being released if they laid down their weapons)on the part of the FMLN will be addressed.