Community policing in El Salvador

The government of president Salvador Sanchez Ceren launched a community policing initiative today as part of its strategy for combating the high levels of crime and violence in the country.  The initiative which seeks to create strategic relationships between the police and the communities where they are working, will start in 42 sectors around the historic center of San Salvador.  The plan will be extended to other areas of the country in coming months.

The government also announced the deployment of more police on motorcycles as well as video monitoring of sectors of central San Salvador.

The community policing initiative represents the first piece of a security policy which we have seen from the new president.   I think community policing is part of the solution which El Salvador needs, but it will require significant effort and change from a police force most notable for the size and number of guns each of its officers carries.


Hodad said…
this as I have posted quit a bit recently Cuba style program will work, as the honest decent hard working Salvadorans will band together on this great Idea
crime will go down fast and I do say put extortion on a capital crimes list and reinstate the death penalty again yesterday
Sherrie Miranda said…
This is great. I have seen this work in other places.
Thanks, Tim, for keeping us up-to-date with what is happening in ES.
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