Preventive evacuations as Chaparrastique volcano threatens new eruption

The Chaparrastique volcano near San Miguel has shown significant new activity since Sunday.  Officials at MARN stated there was a "high probability" of a new eruption.  The high level of internal seismic activity, with some smoke mixed with ash coming form the crater, prompted authorities to take preventive measures.   They have ordered the evacuation of more than 1000 persons living within a radius of 5 km of the crater and suspended classes at nearby schools for 72 hours.  There are reports of many people being unwilling to leave their homes and evacuate.

The level of seismic activity remains strong on Tuesday morning.

Go here for a gallery of tweeted images of the volcano during the day on Monday.

The volcano began its most recent period of activity last December 28, with an explosion of ash and smoke.

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Live streaming video from MARN monitoring camera:


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