The election process is really over

Today the Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador's Supreme Court rejected by a vote of 3-2 the petition of ARENA which demanded a ballot by ballot recount of the vote from the March 9 presidential elections.   Following the ruling, ARENA released a statement indicating that it would abide by the court's decision because of ARENA's "democratic vocation" and "full respect for the institutionality" of El Salvador.  

While the process stirred up tensions and passions, in the end I think this very close election strengthened governance in the country.   We have had another election in El Salvador which was fought out with passion but not with violence.   The TSE was credited by all independent observers with running a fair and transparent election.   Despite the attacks from Norman Quijano and ARENA on the credibility of the TSE, it proceeded with great openness to follow the requirements of El Salvador's election laws to the letter.  

ARENA did challenge the outcome, but it used mechanisms for challenges which were set out by law.   The TSE quickly addressed the challenges filed before it, and the Constitutional Chamber considered and issued its own ruling.  Thankfully, ARENA now indicates that it will abide by that ruling.

Yesterday the US Secretary of State John Kerry released a statement congratulating Sanchez Ceren on his election as president of El Salvador.