Listen to original ‘Radio Venceremos’ broadcasts online

In a partnership between the University of Texas at Austin and the Museum of Word and Image in San Salvador, you can now listen to archived recordings of the broadcasts of Radio Venceremos during the civil war years.   Radio Venceremos was the clandestine radio station of the FMLN guerrillas and sought to encourage the revolutionary movement in the country.   One of the leaders of Radio Venceremos was Carlos Consalvi, who went on to found the museum after the war.

From the UT announcement of the project:
"My hope is that young Salvadorans and descendants of Salvadorans will approach these recordings and learn about the country's contemporary history and learn more about their culture,” explained Carlos Henríquez Consalvi, the co-founder of Radio Venceremos, and founder and director of the Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (MUPI), the Salvadoran museum that houses the recordings.... 
"For a historian looking at the contemporary history of Central America, regardless of their ideology, these records are relevant because they offer unique information through cultural and historical programs that go beyond any political position,” Consalvi went on.
The radio recordings are available here.: