Different rules for voting in the exterior?

The rules of El Salvador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal are very clear about the process of voting on election day.    The parties are not to campaign at voting places.   Party monitors at the polls cannot instruct voters on how to mark their ballot.   Voters should keep their ballot secret.   Using a camera to take a photo of how you marked your ballot is prohibited in order to prevent a form of vote buying.

But as this video from La Prensa Grafica shows,  apparently those rules don't apply or at least are ignored, when it comes to the parties trying to round up votes from Salvadorans living outside of the country.

Since only around 10,000 Salvadorans were registered to vote outside of El Salvador, this exterior vote is unlikely to make any difference in the outcome on February 2.   As of last week, only about 1500 ballots had been received from abroad.


Hodad said…
that to me is heinous, 7 million guanacos living outside El Salvador, this sadly makes obvious their loyalties, NOT to El Salvador it seems, including the knowledge that many are illegal and do not want to raise flags, however even this low response is amazing, wow, thanks ummmmmmmm...
unfortunately I will not be there as I was last time and was observer at Gimnasio Pienda en la capital I have some great vids and fotos
Anonymous said…
7 million is the population of El Salvador, not the amount of undocumented (check your use of the word "illegal") Salvadorans (re-think your use of the word "guanaco") living in the United States. Unfortunately visiting the country and participating as an observer didn't do you much good as you're an idiot.