Current volcano problem is the smoke

Although the Chaparrastique volcano in San Miguel has not exploded again since last Sunday, it continues to cause problems for the people living around it.  The volcano continues giving off smoke with high levels of sulphur dioxide, which is potentially dangerous to health.  The best source of updates continues to be the MARN website and twitter feed.  You can read more about volcanic sulphur dioxide at this link.

As a consequence, authorities evacuated as many as three thousand additional people in recent days and are still advising people not to return home until the danger subsides.   There was a report that one 70 year old man was hospitalized from breathing the smoke after he returned to the house from which he had earlier been evacuated.  

From people in the area, I have heard that evacuated people are obviously concerned about their animals and other possessions at homes they left.   Laborers who might otherwise be harvesting coffee on the slopes of the volcano are out of work.   Everyone hopes that that this volcano which looms over their homes and lives will soon go back to sleep.

Map of area affected by smoke as of 2 January,
changing winds can affect who is impacted.



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