Chaparrastique Volcano in San Miguel erupts Sunday morning

\The Chaparrastique Volcano, also known as the San Miguel volcano erupted around 10:30 on Sunday morning sending ash and a column of smoke into the air.  

Approximately 2000 people are being evacuated by authorities within a 3 km radius around the volcano.

According to El Salvador's director of Civil Protection,  Jorge Meléndez, the most affected areas are to the south and west of the volcano including the towns of San Jorge, El Tránsito, Chinameca, San Rafael de Oriente and Jucuapa.  The falling ash could extend to the municipalities of  Santiago de María, Santa Elena and Usulután.

As a result of the ash and smoke, the entire country was placed on yellow alert, and the area around San Miguel placed on orange alert by emergency authorities.  People in the area where ash is falling are being advised to take steps to avoid breathing it, but also to be constantly cleaning the ash off their roofs to avoid roof collapse.  No injuries had been reported as of this time.

The volcano is one of the most active in El Salvador.

Location of volcano in El Salvador

Area surrounding the Chaparrastique Volcano


Unknown said…
I would like to use your picture on the volcano erupting in a Blurb book I am putting together on my Peace Corps experience in Santa Elena in 1965.Can I use it?
Tim said…
I don't have ability to grant permission since I did not take the picture. It was a photo circulating on twitter the morning of the eruption. I'm not sure of the original source. Sorry I can't help.