What needs to be done

The United Nations Development Program's El Salvador office issued a comprehensive report on the state of human development in El Salvador last week.   Perhaps the report is best summarized in one quote which stated that for two centuries El Salvador "has ignored that the true source of generation of wealth is investment in the capacities of the people."

The report goes on in great detail to illustrate (a) the failure of the Salvadoran government to invest in poverty reduction and strong families,  (b) the poor state of the educational system in the country, and (c) an economy where almost 75% of the people in the workforce are under-employed.   After diagnosing the problems the report goes on to suggest policies which could start to address these shortfalls in the country's investment in its people.

If you read Spanish, I highly recommend you look at the summary presentation of the report, as well as the full document.

Unfortunately I have not seen any of the candidates for president in El Salvador acknowledge the suggestions of the UNDP.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this Tim! This report really hasn't been in the news much, so I would have missed it if not for this post.