Saca's candidacy challenged

The Constitutional Chamber of El Salvador's Supreme Court is involving itself in political matters once again.   The court has agreed to hear challenges to former president Tony Saca's candidacy for president in the 2014 elections.   Saca was president between 2004 and 2009 and now is running on the ticket of the Unidad coalition.  

The blog from Voices on the Border lays out the legal challenge:
The Court is considering three claims – 1) Saca, who was President of El Salvador from 2004-2009, isn’t eligible to run again until 2019; 2) he is guilty of fraud during his presidency; and 3) he has shares in corporations that have state contracts, which is a violation of Article 127 of the Constitution.
Read the rest of the blog post to get the details on these claims.

This is not the first time the Constitutional Chamber has taken on cases involving El Salvador's election process.   Before the 2012 elections of mayors and legislators, the Chamber lessened political party power by requiring that voters be allowed to choose individual candidates and by requiring that independent candidates be allowed to appear on the ballot.