New poll results

La Prensa Grafica published new presidential polling results today. (The complete results are only available online in the e-paper edition which you access at this link, and then choosing the November 5 edition).  In the latest poll, Salvador Sanchez Ceren has taken a lead over Norman Quijano, while former president Tony Saca remains in third place.

Salvador Sanchez Ceren -- 29.4%
Norman Quijano -- 27.6%
Tony Saca -- 12.0%

Undecided remains the leader with 31%, so there is still a lot of room for change in these numbers before February 2.

The poll results for the second round are more interesting.   While Quijano still beats Sanchez Ceren in a second round,  the current vice president from the FMLN actually outpolls former president Tony Saca in a head to head contest.   That has not appeared in any other poll before today.

You can always view my tracking chart of all the published polls here.