Millions to head to polls in 2014

El Salvador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced today the finalization of the election rolls for the 2014 presidential elections.   Next year almost 5 million Salvadorans will be eligible to vote.   Included in this group are almost 144,000 Salvadorans living outside of the country who will be able to vote from the exterior for the first time.  

The "official" campaign season recognized by Salvadoran law commenced on October 1, but the candidates have been in full campaign mode for months now.   Running for the election from the left wing FMLN is the current vice president and former guerrilla commander Salvador Sanchez Ceren.   From the right wing ARENA party is the current mayor of San Salvador, Norman Quijano.   From a coalition of right wing parties coming under the name UNIDAD, is former Salvadoran president Tony Saca.