More presidential polls

I have updated my tracking chart of public opinion polls asking Salvadorans about their choices in the 2014 presidential election with recently released polls from Inmore Research, ARENA and Data Research.

My rolling average of the last four polls released currently stands at:
Sanchez Ceren -- 32.7%
Norman Quijano -- 31.9%
Tony Saca -- 20.7%
As the tracking chart shows, poll results are varying quite a bit.  The variation is caused mostly by differences in who is doing the polling and how they do it, rather than changing preferences of the voters over time.

As the dean of Salvadoran bloggers, Ernesto Rivas recently posted:
So many discrepancies can only lead one to a conclusion. All surveys are false and that is regrettable, because they rob citizens of an important tool to decide how to vote and, what is worse, are deceiving them, to accomplish some goal.
UPDATE -- UTEC-CIOPS published a new poll this morning which I have added to the tracking chart.