Gang members talk about truce

The Center for Democracy in the Americas has published a video of interviews with gang leaders in El Salvador's prisons talking about the gang truce.  According to CDA:
During a recent research trip, CDA was given the opportunity to meet with the leaders of five gangs, who were brought together from separate penal institutions to Mariona Prison. Later that day, we traveled to Cojutepeque Prison, where we met with other leaders and were permitted to tour the extremely overcrowded, run-down facility.
Everyone we spoke with expressed a strong commitment to the peace process. 
We heard the same messages over and over from men who know they could spend the rest of their lives in prison: “We want a better life for our kids and families,” and “the truce is working.”  As “Eddie Boy” told us, “We want to do this forever and we want to change the country forever.” The video below presents some of the interviews we conducted.
 The interviews were filmed in May 2013.   Watch them here:


Unknown said…
i have shared your post to @blogosferaSv, honestly if they wanna quit violence, good for them, but u mustn`t treat them like if they were innocent