New documentary on the disappeared children of El Salvador

A new documentary airing on public television in the US this week, highlights the search for children "disappeared" by the armed forces during El Salvador's civil war.  As soldiers carried away children from their homes in conflict zones, a corrupt system of adoption lawyers, orphanages and officials placed children for adoption both inside the country and as far away as Italy.

The documentary is Niños de la Memoria. Niños de la Memoria is the story of the search for children who disappeared during the Salvadoran civil war. These missing children, who survived massacres carried out by U.S.-trained Salvadoran Army battalions, never knew of their true identity or history. Many of the survivors were even “sold” into adoption in the U.S. and Europe. This film weaves together the journeys of investigator Margarita Zamora, adoptee Jamie Harvey and farmer Salvador García as they search for family, identity and justice in El Salvador, and asks the larger question: How can a post-war society right the wrongs of the past?

In the US you can locate your local TV listing for the program at this link. Or you can watch it streaming during July at this link, or using the video player below.  I watched it last night and highly recommend it.