The rainy season begins

The rainy season in El Salvador begins in May.   The rain storms of the season  bring the possibility of flooding each year along the country's rivers and mudslides across its volcanic slopes.   This map shows all the areas of the country which were impacted by Tropical Depression 12-E in 2011, and provides a good illustration of the areas at risk each and every year.

El Salvador's Civil Protection Commission has identified 2671 zones at risk from the rainy season weather which is forecast to include as many as 14 tropical storms in the western Pacific and 18 storms in the Caribbean and Atlantic.

The Commission also reported that it will be spending more than $75,000 on a project to reduce flooding by the  Río Grande de San Miguel which has overtopped or broken through levees and flooded the community of Puerto Parada in Usulután on a regular basis in recent years.