The new normal

The reduction in the homicide rate in El Salvador which began with the gang truce in March 2012 has continued through the first four months of 2013. The National Civilian Police report that there were 764 homicides in January through April, down 502 murders from the same period the year before.   The PNC also reported a 63% reduction in murders of women.

The murders are down, but there is little analysis available of who the victims are and whether there are fewer murders proportionately in the so called "cities free of violence."   The same report also indicated that there has been no reduction in robberies, kidnappings or extortion.


Now Mungia Payes is claiming rising violence is NOT due to the gangs. This is hilarious, given that he used to claim 90% of the violence was gang-related. In other words, this guy will say anything to prove it is not his fault.