Funes completes fourth year with favorable approval ratings

President Mauricio Funes complete his fourth year in office on June 1.   A poll from the Universidad Tecnológica asked Salvadorans how the president was doing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, respondents gave Funes a grade of 6.5.    Almost 52% agreed with the statements that Funes' actions were focused on addressing the needs of the poorest members of Salvadoran society.    When asked who president Funes' decisions had favored, 34.2% said the people, 27.0% said Funes himself, 12.7% said "the Left", 3.5% said "the Right," and 8.8%  said the business sector.

One interesting question is how much Funes' favorable approval rating will help the chances of his vice president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren in his run for president in 2014.   They have not really been seen as part of the same team, despite being part of the same political party.   I can't think of the last time they made a public appearance together.