Oscar Romero's beatification on track with Pope Francis

Several people sent me the news today that Pope Francis is looking positively on Oscar Romero's beatification by the Roman Catholic church.   From our friend Polycarpio at the Super Martyrio blog:

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the cleric in charge of Óscar Romero’s sainthood cause, has announced that Pope Francis informed him during an audience on Saturday, April 20, that he was authorizing Archbishop Romero’s beatification process to advance. Paglia made the announcement at the end of a homily honoring the Italian bishop Antonio Bello, known as “Don Tonino,” who died in 1993. “This very day,” Paglia told the audience at the Cathedral of Molfetta (on Italy's Adriatic coast), “day of the death of Don Tonino, the beatification cause of Msgr. Romero has been unblocked.” In addition to being the postulator or principal clergyman in charge of Archbishop Romero’s canonization, Paglia is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, a major Vatican agency reporting to the Pope. His video-taped remarks, in Italian, are available on YouTube. No formal announcement has been made by the Vatican or by the San Salvador Archdiocese, though Salvadoran clerics have stated they believed Pope Francis would move swiftly to authorize resuming the process. Super Martyrio will monitor developments and report them here. 
This news is being verified by John Allen, Catholic News Service, La Stampa, and ANSA; and confirmed by the Romero Trust.


Carlos X. said…
Tim, with Archbishop Romero headed toward the altars and Salvadoran footballer Jorge "El Mágico" González inducted into the soccer Hall of Fame yesterday, it was a good day to be from "El Pulgarcito." Regards!