More on Pac-Rim's $315 million claim

As I mentioned on Monday, Pacific Rim is now seeking $315 million in its international arbitration against the government of El Salvador.   I have now located and downloaded the legal brief filed by Pacific Rim which you can access at this link or here.   It is a 343 page document called a "Memorial" in international arbitration which sets out in great detail the facts as Pacific Rim intends to present them as well as the legal arguments about the claim of violation of El Salvador's investment law.

So who is going to decide this arbitration claim?   The panel of arbitrators consists of three lawyers with extensive experience in international commercial arbitration.   The panel members are:
President: V.V. Veeder (British)
Arbitrators: Brigitte Stern (French)
Guido Santiago Tawil (Argentine)

Click on their names to read their bios.