Updates on security stories in El Salvador

A round up of some recent news related to the gang truce and efforts to reduce crime and violence in El Salvador.

  • Al Jazeera has a video report describing the truce and Sonsonate beoming one of the violence free municipalities. 
  • InfoSurHoy.com also has an article on the maras signing a peace agreement in Sonsonate.   The site also has an article regarding Barrio 18 gang members now working in a bakery in Ilopango, a step towards reinsertion into society.  
  • Voices form El Salvador blog has a report on a $20 million USAID project, to be combined with $22 million from the private sector to work on violence prevention initiatives to keep youth out of gangs in the first place.    Mike Allison at Central American Politics also has a post on the USAID effort.
  • InsightCrime reports on the military's intention to remove soldiers from the four "peace cities" which have been announced so far.