Mastodon fossils in Apopa

Larson painting of a mastodon

Fossilized bones from a mastodon have been identified at a paleontological site in the municipality of Apopa. An article in Hispanically Speaking News  quotes one of the scientists:

At least 12 fossil fragments, including some from a mastodon, have been discovered at a new paleontological site in El Salvador.   “We dug down to the fossil-bearing strata…we have now reached some materials of great importance to paleontology,” the head of the expedition, paleontologist Daniel Aguilar, told Efe....
 “There is one deposit with the remains of a horse, and farther down the bones of a mastodon are to be seen,” he said, but added that it is “too soon to specify all the taxonomic information about the animals” found at the site, since they must still be brought up for analysis.

Apopa is located about 7 1/2 miles northeast of San Salvador.  According to an article in La Prensa Grafica, the city hopes to attract visitors with a viewing platform into the dig and a museum to showcase the finds.