The Romero Tour

Our friend Polycarpio at the Super Martyrio blog, dedicated to all things Oscar Romero, has written about the announcement by presdient Mauricio Funes that El Salvador will soon start sponsoring a tourist route dedicated to sites in the life of slain archbishop Oscar Romero:

The President of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, announced that his country’s Tourism Ministry will promote an “Archbishop Romero City Tour” of San Salvador as part of a larger effort to promote tourism in El Salvador.  Funes made the announcement in the Crypt of the San Salvador Metropolitan Cathedral where Romero is buried, one of the ten locations to be featured in the Romero tour, visited by U.S. President Barack Obama last year.  Funes said that additional announcements would be made in Italy in October, and in London in November, regarding the initiative. 
The tour is a two-day excursion to ten locations associated with, or relevant to, the life or legacy of Archbishop Romero.  

You can see the list of those locations here.


Dave Kinnear said…
This looks like a nice itinerary. I can imagine that a significant number of people would be moved by some of the sites. Based on my visit last year, several of these places could certainly accomodate more tourists.