Statistics on Salvadoran households

This is the third in a series of posts about the statistical view of El Salvador in the recently released 2011 Multiple Purpose Survey of Households.   The survey asks a series of questions about the homes where Salvadorans live.   Here is some of what is reported:

  • 92.6% of Salvadoran households have electricity (or have a neighbor from whom they can run an electric cord).
  • 83.8% have access to piped water, although this number broadly includes people who have access to a spigot in the community or have a neighbor who has water service which they share.   In rural areas, this level drops and 1 out of 3 households do not have access to piped water.
  • 72% of houses are made of concrete block, 16% of adobe and 12% of other materials.   Not surprisingly, the percentage of adobe is higher in rural areas and concrete in the urban areas.
  • 88% of Salvadoran households reported having a cell phone, 84% have a TV, 62% have a refrigerator, and 12 % have internet access.