US relations with El Salvador

On this 4th of July,  a few recent events highlight the warm relationship between the governments of El Salvador and the United States.

Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte returned to El Salvador after her long delayed confirmation by the US Sentate.   She was warmly greeted by the country on her return.   Ambassador Aponte was received by president Funes in his office shortly after she returned to El Salvador where they spoke about the development projects the US is supporting.

On June 12, the Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in El Salvador, Carl Derrick, was awarded the rank of “Grand Officer” of the Order of José Matías Delgado by the Minister of Foreign Relations of El Salvador, Hugo Martínez. The order, which was presented to Mr. Derrick for his contributions to the development of El Salvador, represents the greatest honor awarded by the Salvadoran Government.

Derrick oversaw USAID's work in the country. He also oversaw the local implementation of US initiatives, including Partnerships for Growth, Feed the Future, Global Climate Change, and the Central America Regional Security Initiative.

He first arrived in El Salvador in 1987 and served until 1992. He returned and served another four years before retiring in June and returning to the United States.

Video (in Spanish) of Ambassador Aponte's remarks on her return to El Salvador.