Supreme Court social media favors Constitutional Chamber

El Salvador continues to have two groups of judges claiming to be the legitimate Supreme Court.    At the moment, the Facebook page and Twitter feed of the Supreme Court appear to be under the control of persons who side with the Constitutional Chamber against the National Assembly and the incoming president of the court, Ovidio Bonilla.

You can get to the Facebook page and the Twitter feed at this link.


BenJoeM said…
Been a fan for a while, haven't posted until today. I just left a meeting with the President of the Republic. I honestly believe they don't see this issue as a big deal, as demonstrated in the paper's today. But my one comment is this:

I went by the protest today and there were about 20 buses of people. Someone paid for this protest...this is a big deal
Carlos X. said…
Tim, the Salvadoran crisis has many dark undertones, with legislative and judicial colleagues calling each other "golpistas" (coup supporters) and imputing nefarious motives to the other side. But even amid such negativity, there are hints of Salvadoran humor, as in the reference by some commentators to the Constitutional Chamber as "The Fantastic Four" (apparently in response to references to the FMLN-GANA-CN-PES coalition opposing them as a "Super Majority" in the Legislative Assembly). Some of the pessimism seems to stem from the glacial pace at which things seem to evolve. Still, there were a few developments on Friday worth pointing out: 1) The Prosecutor General Romeo Barahona has slowly come to side with the "Fantastic Four." He was hesitant to take sides at first, but the first sign came when he admitted complaints against the legislators. Now, he is openly warning the Super Friends (the 2006 & 2012 magistrates supported by the "Super Majority" in the Assembly) that their pretended official acts may be illegal. 2) EL FARO is reporting that the rest of the Salvadoran judiciary is split: two judges groups are backing the Fantastic Four and one is backing the Super Friends. 3) The Constitutional Chambers of the Guatemalan, Honduran, and Costa Rican Supreme Courts have issued a statement in support of the Fantastic Four. 4) The Special Human Rights Prosecutor Oscar Luna has entered the fray, moving to enjoin the Super Friends from hiring and firing until the crisis is resolved, and asking for the U.N. to intervene. 5) Finally, on the subject of humor, the UCA rector, Fr. Jose Maria Tojeira, published a riotous piece of satire in La Prensa Grafica, mocking the sudden infusion of morality in the assembly, which has launched ethical investigations of two of the Fantastic Four. Tojeira's piece might put one in the mind of Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and pulls no punches in attributing hypocrisy all around. Have a great weekend!