2014 presidential candidates considered

The  Universidad Tecnológica in San Salvador recently released poll results regarding possible presidential candidates for the 2014 election.   Respondents were asked whether they thought various politicians would make successful candidates for their parties.

Approximately three fourths of those interviewed felt that Vice President Salvador Sanchez Ceren would not be a successful candidate for the FMLN.   By contrast,  71% of the poll respondents thought that ARENA should nominate Norman Quijano, the popular mayor of San Salvador. There was a split of opinion over a possible new presidential run by ex-president Tony Saca on a GANA ticket.   54% indicated Saca would have a successful candidacy and 41.2% expressed a negative view.  

When asking about the 2014 election itself, pollsters only asked people which party they would vote for and did not ask for candidate preferences or which candidates would win in a head-to-head race.   32.6% favored ARENA, 20.7% favored the FMLN, and 4.6% favored GANA.   The winner was "no opinion" at 40%.     But when asked to predict the outcome of the election, 60% believe that the right-wing ARENA party will regain the presidency in the first round of balloting.

It's not too late for the FMLN to change candidates.   But it's not likely to happen.