A summary of some highlights of El Salvador

Sometimes it's good to hear someone else sing the praises of El Salvador.  Case is married to a staffer at the US Embassy in El Salvador and writes the blog "Trailing Husband" about his experiences on his wfe's posting to the country.  They are finishing her assignment in El Salvador, and Case wrote a retrospective post titled Highlights of El Salvador.

Here's what Case writes about rain:
To be totally honest, I had almost forgotten to mention how amazing the rain is here, and then, literally 5 minutes after I disconnected my UPS from my computer, a huge rain/lightning storm starts, and the power drops out for a minute. By and large, I have not found the rain annoying. To the contrary, I love the powerful rainstorms that we get. Seriously. It's just amazing how much rain can drop from the sky in a short amount of time. Also, since we live on the side of the San Salvador volcano, we get some amazing lightning storms that have a terrific echo from the volcano. It is dangerous and annoying when a tropical storm comes through and it rains for days on end, but that's only happened once each year we've been here, so it's manageable for us. Not everyone loves the rain. The torrential rainfalls of 12E last year and Agatha the year before wrecked havoc, causing much loss and heartache to those living in vulnerable areas. That said, the typical 20 minute deluges are magical to me.
Read the rest of his highlights here.

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