Salvadorans' view of their country

Salvadorans have not felt good about the general situation in their country for a long while.   For as long as I have been writing about public opinion polls in this blog, the majority of Salvadorans have told pollsters that the country is in a bad way and getting worse.  

This week's La Prensa Grafica poll results are more of the same.

69.3% of those polled said the general state of the country was bad, while only 13.6% said it was good.  This was actually a slight improvement over LPG's last poll in February.

The reported gang truce has led to a perception among those polled that the level of homicides has gone down and that the security situation in the country has somewhat improved.  An increasing number of people (35.6%) say the economy is the biggest problem facing the country.

Although 63.9% of the population believes the country is on the wrong course, 65% approve of the job the president Mauricio Funes is doing.   Funes completes his third year in office this week.