Oscar Romero on Good Friday

Good Friday is an appropriate day to remember once again the example of slain archbishop Oscar Romero.    The crucifixion of Jesus Christ which is celebrated today is echoed in the martyrdom of Romero as a prophet, preaching a gospel which was good news to the poor and an indictment of those persons and institutions who would harm and oppress them.

In March, a new documentary about Oscar Romero was released on DVD.  The film,  Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero, compiles extensive audio and video recordings of Romero together with interviews of from those whose lives were changed by Archbishop Romero, including church activists, human rights lawyers, former guerrilla fighters and politicians.  You can order a copy from First Run Features at this link.  Highly recommended.

Our friend Polycarpio has posted a lengthy overview on his blog of the lack of progress of the canonization of Romero as a saint of the Roman Catholic church.  Although Oscar Romero is widely beloved and cherished as a saint by millions in El Salvador and the rest of Latin America, official recognition of sainthood by the Vatican seems to be permanently stalled.

From a Holy Week sermon by archbishop Romero:

Christ would not be Redeemer 
if he had not concerned himself with giving food 
to the crowds that were hungry, 
if he had not given light to the eyes of the blind, 
if he had not felt sorrow for the forsaken crowds 
that had no one to love them, no one to help them.
Christianity cares about human development, 
about the political and social aspects of life. 
Redemption would not be complete 
if it did not consider these aspects 
of the Christ who chose in fact to be an example 
of one oppressed under a powerful empire 
and under a ruling class of his people 
that savaged his reputation and honor 
and left him on a cross. 
MARCH 26, 1978


Tom said…
I ordered the film as soon as I saw the information you posted and got it yesterday. It is an amazing film with wonderful historical footage and information. Thank you once again!