Convert TPS to Permanent Residence now

I want to throw the support of this blog behind what seems to me a quite sensible idea -- to convert the status of the thousands of Salvadorans in the US on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to permanent residence (a "green card").      

There are approximately 215,000 Salvadorans in the US on TPS.    TPS was originally granted to suspend deportations to El Salvador on humanitarian grounds after the 2001 earthquakes.   TPS has been extended every 18 months thereafter.   Since TPS only applies to Salvadorans in the US as of February 12, 2001, each person on TPS has lawfully lived in the US for more than 11 years.

A coalition of groups of Salvadoran-Americans, migration rights groups, and faith-based organizations have come together to push for this change.   The website for this coalition explains why we should advocate for this sensible change in US immigration policy:
After having legally lived and worked here for over a decade, having paid fees to the government to maintain their status, having paid taxes, having undergone background checks, having done everything else required by the law and most importantly having come forward and registered in a conditional program when the US government gave the opportunity to those undocumented to do so, we believe they have earned the opportunity to become a lawful permanent resident. In addition, they have demonstrated to be individuals of good moral character every time they have renewed their status.

We came together to support vibrant futures for families that have not only contributed to our national economy, but have been a critical and positive force in the reconstruction of their home countries by sending remittances to family members. Permanent Residency is the only solution to ending the uncertainty and legal limbo that these thousands of families are living in everyday. It is the only viable way to enable thousands of families to reunite, ensure economic and social stability and thus, the progress of our communities and nation.
If you are in the US on TPS, the law prohibits you from returning to El Salvador or you lose your status.   That's a very anti-family policy of forced separation for people who have complied with all the requirements of the law for the past 11 years.   Let's spread the word in support of changing TPS to a green card and reuniting families.


Martha A said…
Thank you Tim for a fantastic post. As usual you concisely and effectively explained this latest struggle facing the Salvadoran community and immigrant rights.
Martha Dueñas,
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Esmerelda777 said…
Temp to Permanent sounds great to me! I think eventually they will, and heck 215,000 versus up to 12 million illegals? Yes, what a brick wall for family. If these immigrants had a green card instead, they would also spend more in both the U.S.A and El Salvador on visits, helping both of our economies.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for this post, my husband has TPS status, and it is difficult explaining to others. For years he has worked, paid taxes, paid for work permits, but cannot become a citizen, it is so frustrating.